When I boarded the plane yesterday, it was grey and wet… several hours later, we landed in bright, sunny weather. Yahoo: the city!

I’ve noticed that the longer I live in the village, the greater the culture shock when returning to the city. I felt like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz yesterday, after she lands in the super-saturated colors of the yellow brick road. There’s always so much to see and so much to adjust to: everything is so shiny and clean! I guess my point of reference has changed, and even though I’ve lived in a city for most of my life, I’m a bit of a country mouse now. I was absolutely thrilled when the rental car agency put me in a brand new car. I wonder if this is what Dorothy felt like when she put on the ruby slippers? (LOL!)

Once again, I had to get used to rush hour, curbs, lines on the road and traffic lights (none of these exist back home). I should put one of those ‘new driver’ stickers on my vehicle for a few days! Somehow, I made it to my favorite aunt’s in one piece. I took her out for dinner and we spent the evening laughing and getting caught up. It was a great night.

This afternoon, I pick DH up from the airport since he couldn’t fly out with me yesterday, get a quick refresher on the needles, and pick up my meds. Ready or not, here I come!