I picked up my meds on Friday (Puregon, Repronex, and a whack load of syringes, alcohol swabs and other fun stuff). This time, my doctor decided to QUADRUPLE the Repronex dosage from 75 to 300. I was pretty lucky during IVF#1 because the side effects weren’t so bad, but this year, the nurse and the pharmacist warned me that I’ll likely experience the burning, bloating, fatigue and mood swings  because of the higher dosage (more intense mood swings? Look out world!!). They weren’t kidding. I injected myself yesterday… not a big deal. A few hours later, the waistband of my skirt seemed to tighten. Shortly after that, the injection site began to itch and it was really swollen. Ick.

DH and I packed my stuff up from my aunt’s and we made our way to our little rental in the city. Not impressed. It was beside a tavern that seemed, um, a bit rough (and that’s putting it mildly), and it was quite the happening spot on Friday night. There were really strong paint or varnish fumes coming from somewhere. And the ad promised internet that wasn’t there (we both need access since we’ll be working from here). We spent such a horrible night there. I couldn’t sleep because of a blinding migraine. By morning, I was a miserable mess; everything was overwhelming me. My abdomen now felt like I’d been punched and my headache was so painful, I felt nauseous. I’ve never experienced anything like this before. Somehow, I managed to shower and change to get ready for my acupuncture appointment (great: more needles! ). The treatment was wonderful, though. I fell asleep for most of it and they treated my migraine as well. Though my headache didn’t leave completely, I did feel a bit more human by the end of it all.

DH and I decided to leave that first apartment. There was another closer to our clinic (and my aunt!). It was a bit more expensive, but we were truly unhappy at the first place and I didn’t want to risk the fumes affecting the meds, or our chances of success if we make it to transfer. We are currently happily settled in our new place. I’ve had my second dose and am hoping I don’t have as strong a reaction as with Friday’s. Oh well. It’s a small price to pay if all this works.