I stick myself with 2, sometimes 3 needles a day (depending on where I am with the Puregon cartridge in my pen). I will be starting another needle full of orgalutron tomorrow. As if those needles weren’t enough, I voluntarily go through acupuncture treatments every couple of days, so add in another 30 needles to those days. And fyi, these aren’t entirely painless, despite what others might say!

Acupuncturist: [jabs the needle in and begins twisting it] “Tell me when you begin to feel this.”

Me: [What the…? I felt it as soon as it pierced my flesh!] “Yep.”

Don’t get me wrong: my acupuncturist is great. I just think it’s funny that they want me to tell them when I “feel” it.

We had our ultrasound and bloodwork today and things are ok, but not great. I’m too afraid to hope that things might work out. There are four follicles on each side. The tech and doctor both say it’s still early in the cycle, and DH showed me our notes from last year where I only had one more follicle than I do now at the same point in the stim phase. So, I guess that’s good. I just can’t let myself think positively. Maybe that’s why I’ve felt so removed from this treatment; except for the constant headache and daily needles, I don’t really feel like I’m in the middle of IVF #2. Last year, it seemed to consume me and I knew exactly what was coming up. This year, I’m trying hard not to dwell on it… or even think about it. Guess that’s how I protect myself from potentially bad outcomes.