stimulation drug cocktailBlah. The side effects from the stimulation drugs remind me of being hungover. I have a raging headache, my stomach’s a little rough, I’m tired all the time and I can’t deal with bright sunshine or lights. My head is a bit wonky and I really don’t feel like I’m completely here….

No fair! I’m living through the morning-after without the fun from the night-before. Where was the dancing, the loud music and the laughs? (LOL!). It’s so weird because during the IVF#1, I didn’t feel much discomfort other than fatigue and bloating. I guess the quadruple dosage with IVF#2 has really hit me.

I had my second ultrasound and bloodwork today and still doing relatively ok… 3 of the 8 follicles are now over 9 mm and it looks like there are a few wee ones struggling to grow (c’mon, you can do it!). I’m trying not to dwell on it too much though. I think we’ll know more this weekend.

On another topic, our clinic put a note on the door asking all patients who have recently returned from Mexico to put on a mask and wash their hands because of the swine flu pandemic (they have some Purel outside the door and a box of masks). I haven’t seen anyone wear a mask yet but I am extra careful when I’m out in public now (I carry hand sanitizer in my purse and I avoid anyone who looks ill). You can’t be too careful, right?