Okay, so it’s been a week since my transfer, and it’s a week away from my beta. The temptation is definitely there to pee on a stick. Yah, I know I know… the HCG could still be in my system. I’ve read it can last in your system two weeks, though others say it’s gone after 6-10 days. Part of me wants to try… since my odds are not great, I sort’ve want to know it’s negative before being told that it’s negative (does that make any sense?). But if HCG IS still floating around, I’ll have false hope from a false positive and feel devastated. Augh. My head knows it’s a bad idea to do this, so I’ll try to refrain. During IVF#1, I easily resisted the urge during IVF#1: why is it so hard for IVF#2?

Fortunately, this weekend, I’ll have a fun distraction: my husband’s sister and brother are coming up for a visit, so we can cruise around the city’s sites, maybe catch a play… It should be fun! It’s definitely nice to be in the city again, and it’ll be a lot of fun to share it with family. If I’m to count my blessings, my amazing in-laws would definitely be counted.