Nothing like a good business trip to snap you out of a blue funk.

A few of us had to travel to a smaller, more remote village earlier this week for work. The only hotel in town has shared washrooms, and during the busy season, you can expect to share your room. Yes, you may just end up sharing a room with a visiting contractor if you arrive during a busy time. Despite the rougher conditions, I was excited to meet our new regional staff and visit another seldom seen part of the world.

After a full day of meetings, we returned to the hotel for dinner. After eating, maybe it was the mountain air but the conversation turned to ghost stories, local superstitions and haunted houses. These didn’t bother me though: when I returned to my room I was so tired that I still fell asleep right away.

I got up really early the next morning to beat the rush to the shared shower and to steal some time before the next set of meetings to wander and take a few photos. I tried to avoid making too much noise since the hotel was still silent. While I was showering, the lights suddenly went out! I mean, completely out. It was pitch black because there were no windows anywhere, and the doors were completely sealed. The ghost stories from the night before came back and I began to freak out… Who turned out the lights? Should I scream? Should I chance it and run out of the shower stall naked to turn on the lights, or would I be playing into the hands of some nefarious character?

It seemed silly to stay in the dark, and more than a bit scary, so I figured I would take a chance and dash to the light switch. Turns out the hotel staff sets the lights on a motion sensor at night, which doesn’t read anything from the shower stall.

I am such a goof.

The next day, I showered right after dinner, while there were still lots of people around.