This weekend, we held our annual summer picnic in the park. Though the weather was great and there was an endless supply of food, it was hard to be around all the new babies that have been born since last year’s picnic. It’s especially difficult to remember that one year ago, I was pregnant too.

Despite all that, I think I’m doing better because I didn’t dread it too much. I still find it hard to act ‘normal’ around pregnant people and new babies. What is normal anymore? My first instinct has been to avoid all situations involving new babies and pregnant women, but in a village this small, that’s impossible. So, I’m getting back out there, and socializing again… that’s progress, right?

On the work front, there has been no more mention of newborns in the office. I don’t think the office is an appropriate place for a newborn and is not a substitute for daycare or a sitter. I will become more vocal if the work environment is compromised inappropriately …sounds very official doesn’t it? I’ve been imagining my conversation to our human resources rep. Augh. Okay, so maybe I’m not doing that much better and I’m still a little angry. Call me “Norma Rae” for the IF workers!