After many years in this remote village, my husband and I are moving. It’s definitely a bittersweet turn of events. I’m happy that we’ll be back in a city, not too far from family. I’m a bit relieved that I’ll be out of a fertility hotspot, where the birth rate far exceeds most of the continent. But I am a bit sad that I’ll be leaving my ‘life less ordinary’ in a place that has no roads leading to it. I count myself lucky to have lived here for so long. Life was pretty simple (except for the infertility). I made some really good friends here and I can’t really face the fact that they won’t be a part of my everyday life.

And in other news, last week, we almost had all of our dreams come true. A friend called us to say that a woman they know wanted to place her baby with another family once it was born. The baby was due in a week, and they were wondering if we would be interested. Of course we said yes! Unfortunately, they haven’t heard back from the woman, which is fine. I knew it was best to hold off on getting excited (though I really was), and so much could have happened: she might have decided to keep her baby, a family member may have agreed to raise him/her…? Anyways, it’s better that we never did get to meet her, because then we would’ve really gotten excited but I guess the fates have decided this one wasn’t meant for us. It might have been nice to have been able to start a new life with a new addition to the family, but it wasn’t meant to be. So, that’s ok, we’re no worse for wear.

Oh well… no time to dwell. I have tons to do before the big move at the end of October.