I have been a terrible blogger lately. In my defense, I have to say that the last couple of weeks have been crazy.

With the move date breathing down our necks, our task list is becoming more and more urgent. One of the bigger items is the sale of our home. There are no real estate agents here so we have to sell our home ourselves. Six days after putting up posters, we had two offers. Let me tell you, it’s not that easy to sell your house. We were attached to both couples, but in the end, we had to disappoint one of them. That’s not a nice thing. However, the couple moving in was over the moon, so I guess the whole thing is rather bittersweet.

I’ve loved my home. It’s on the water (my view can be seen above this) and every corner and every wall has a memory of our renovation with parents and in-laws. I would never recommend doing renos yourself: I’m just not that type of woman. Unfortunately, when you live in a town in the middle of nowhere, contractors are rare… so there’s a lot of “us” in this house.  Though I can’t look at the little room across the hall without a pang of sadness (I had always imagined that would be a nursery for our little one), these walls kept me safe from the fertile world when I was grieving our loss.

So, check one big item off the task list.

Now, my mind is free to stress over the prospect of starting the adoption process all over again, as we cross state/territorial borders. Stay tuned as my neurotic side takes over…