Since the move, I’ve been using Facebook (Fb) to keep friends and family updated on our whereabouts. Consequently, I’m on there more often than usual.

I’ve come to HATE it when status lines are written like mysterious little “teasers”, fishing for attention. I’ve noticed that, more often than not, these vague statements are usually announcing a pregnancy. I know I’m an angry, bitter, barren woman, but c’mon, just come right out and say it. Obviously, by putting it out there in Fb-land, you WANT to announce your pregnancy. Just freakin’ announce it!

Yes, it’s a happy time for them, and in time, I will lose my bitter edge and maybe acknowledge their happiness in a more socially appropriate fashion. Until then, statuses like:

1. Jane Smith will not tell… but is very, very happy.

2. John Smith has a happy secret.

3. Jane Doe has TWO surprises.

4. John Smith won’t tell. But he and Jane can’t wait.

5. Jane Smith: change is coming!

…are LAME.

If you want to keep it a secret, keep it a secret. If you want to announce it, announce it. If you’re trying to keep all of us in suspense, hoping we’re wracking our brains trying to solve your status riddle, forget it. It’s both annoying and unoriginal.

That’s all I want to rant about today. Yes, I do know about the “hide” button and have been making liberal use of it as I sit here and stew in my jealousy.

Bah humbug.