The thing about adoption is that there is an awful lot of paperwork. It’s been a challenge to pin DH down for more than a couple of hours to try to finish these up. He’s been so busy with his new job, often working 12 hours day trying to get caught up on everything. I, on the other hand, have all the time in the world. It’s too bad that I can’t fill in his questions for him. I think I could, actually, but I think that’s not really in the spirit of this whole process!

I think we’re done FINALLY, all the little boxes filled in and signature lines signed. We received the package from our practitioner in early December, so, it only took us a month to complete. Ick. Sometimes I think we’re our own worst enemy in the process, delaying it unnecessarily. Life gets in the way, right?

It was difficult to fill in all the questions but maybe I was just overthinking them. The questions really force you to reach back into the far reaches of your mind, maybe even to things you never really wanted to open up again (first dates? first sexual experiences? Yikes!). It’s difficult not to wish I could just get knocked up like the majority of the population to avoid all this paperwork.