I’ve been watching the developments from Haiti with concern, as I’m sure many of you have been as well. There has been so much tragedy there that the positive stories become so much more important.

The Canadian government has taken the unusual step of fast-tracking the adoptions for parents who were already waiting to adopt a child from Haiti. Today, 52 of these children arrived in Ottawa, Canada to their new families. I’ve watched the scene play out on the news several times today, and it always  touches me. This is the second group to arrive. No new adoption applications to Haiti can be considered under this fast-track, which is a wise decision (unfortunately, there have been some situations where children have been snatched).

Unfortunately, I’ve decided that I can no longer read news about this on the internet. Many of the comments are so horrible and obviously written by people who know nothing about the adoption process. Many of these commenters don’t seem to realize that these adoptions have been in the works for years already and are speaking out against the “ease” of these adoptions.

Are you KIDDING me? An easy international adoption?! I have never heard the words “easy” and “adoption” uttered in the same sentence. What about the months of paperwork, physical examinations, police checks, necessary training sessions, children’s aid checks, references, and loss of all privacy as you open up your lives (willingly) to scrutiny by the various government bodies? I’m not complaining about any of these steps… I am going through them and I fully support the fact that they are there to make sure that adoptive parents are fit to be parents. But I’m astounded by the people who don’t understand the process at all, or the waiting period for international AND domestic adoption.

Others are not happy that they’re bringing in children from a foreign country… don’t even get me started on the racist overtones on these ones or my head might explode.

I could go on and on but I just get mad. Really mad. There’s so much ignorance surrounding this process and people can be so cruel.

I wish only the best for these new families and hope that the children are able to heal after all that they’ve been through over the last several weeks.