I wrote my last post while I was out-of-town on a short contract. I have to admit that as much as I enjoy having time at home to settle into our new community, I’m relieved that I’ve been able to find some projects to work on. Maybe I’m a bit too busy now, but I still get to be at home with the pups AND I’m earning an honest paycheque. Hopefully, I get to travel a little bit more too, but not too much 😉

I arrived back in town just in time for our first homestudy. I’m glad we’ve finally completed our first one. The homestudy always seemed shrouded in mystery… how long does it take, how invasive will it be, what if I accidentally blurt out the wrong thing and our application is outright rejected? When it was done, I actually felt like it was sort’ve anti-climactic, once I reflected back on it.

Now, I know that there are a couple more to go, and perhaps our adoption practitioner was easing us into it to make us more comfortable. I think we spent a lot of time talking about my husband’s new job. A little bit about our childhoods… and then we went over the rest of the paperwork. You know, it wasn’t scary at all.

Sometimes I feel like I’ve been so caught up in the process of first, trying to get pregnant and now, adoption, that I forget about the scary parts of raising a child. At the end of all of this, we may just get to be parents. At least, I hope we do. It’s been such a long struggle… almost 5 years, and pretty much our entire marriage. I forget what it was like before infertility consumed me. It’s sadly become such a significant part of who I am in my thirties that I can’t really remember the woman who didn’t know anything about infertility or the adoption process. Oh well.

Next week, we start our mandatory training sessions for prospective adoptive parents. I wonder how those will go over? It might be interesting to meet the other couples. I sure hope they don’t make us start with those awkward teambuilding/ice-breaker games (ick!).