Dear Large Bookstore Retailer,

Thank you for figuring out yet another way I can be marginalized because of my infertility. I thought I’d experienced it all, but you proved me wrong.

This weekend, DH and I drove into the city and decided to waste some time surrounded by books. I went to check out the parenting section to see if there were any books on adoption. I walked past the first set of bookshelves… no books there. Okay, maybe the second set of shelves… nope, no books there either. Third section: nada. Well, let’s move down to the obscure fourth shelf.

And there, at the very end, were the adoption books. While the plural form, “books” is grammatically accurate, it doesn’t really seem to capture the disappointing collection of “two.” I looked up to see what this section of books was apparently labeled so I’d know better for next time: “Alternative parenting.”


Alternative parenting? Is that like alternative rock? While I do like alternative music, is there another way we could categorize the adoption section? Granted, infertility has shunted us out of the “mainstream” but really, do you have to reinforce this further?

Anyways, dear Large Bookstore Retailer, I suppose I’ll retreat into my dark corner for now with the rest of the alternative folks.

Thanks for trying.