You’ll know I’m doing well when you notice that I haven’t been blogging much. After that last pitiful post, I heard from my client and suddenly I had another deadline coming up… FAST!

What this shows me is that I need to be working. When the slower periods last too long, my mind wanders to negative places (see previous post). Oh sure, I can fill my days easily enough, especially as I get settled in our new community, but when I wasn’t in school full time, I’ve been employed since I was 18. Self-employment is not for the insecure (ie. ME!). I keep wondering: why hasn’t my client called? Why isn’t anybody calling? Have I screwed up that last job so badly, they can’t even acknowledge me? If I want to make a go of working from home, I’ve gotta stop personalizing all of this!

I’ve just submitted a proposal for work with a government organization. This could be good if I’m successful. It would definitely be more stable! Of course, I’m not sure of my chances, because I’ll lose points for not being from the region (which actually counts for a lot in their evaluation). Oh well, I had to try.

AND, I was surprised to receive an email on Wednesday requesting an interview for a job I applied to months ago. I thought I didn’t make the cut! I know I’d rather work from home, especially because of the adoption but this job is the closest to my ideal job. It’s in my field, with a large organization whose values I believe in, the corporate culture is so good that it wins awards AND they’re known for their innovation. I think the interview went well… I never felt uncomfortable and it seemed like the interviewer was interested in what I had to say…? I went into the interview thinking “Meh, I don’t even know if I really want this.” After the interview, I decided I would definitely love the job.

We’ll see what happens. It’ll be at least 3 weeks before they shortlist to a second round of interviews. In the meantime, I have to bill my clients for the work done in February and prepare for a presentation at a symposium I’ve been asked to speak at. It’s back in my old community, so I’m excited about that!

In terms of the adoption, we’re almost at the end of our homestudy interviews. I think after this week, our practitioner will be ready to start drafting her report. My feelings during the process have gone from positive to negative and back again. I think my interest in the job is also caused by the realization that we may not get a placement for at least a year. That seems like such a long time.

Ok, I should stop now and catch up with everyone else! Have a good week!