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I haven’t been on much, but, as many people who are adopting can attest, there isn’t really too much to report on.

Every time I’ve wanted to post something, it was usually about something that made me grumpy. Don’t get my started on the A.pple i.Phone campaign. I don’t think any brand had ever made it so clear that long-haired, childless women were NOT its target market. I CRINGED each time the in sufferable ad about the pregnancy announcement came on. Watching it once was more than enough. And sometime in the summer, they decided to play it incessantly, at which point, I would either leave the room, or throw something at the TV. It was weird to watch that ad with anyone other than DH around… kinda felt like watching a movie with your parents and having to sit uncomfortably through the sex scenes you didn’t know were in the movie (“don’t react, don’t react, don’t react”). Then, there’s the ad with the new father, his newborn and the new grandfather (ok, that’s bearable), and the dad with his daughter (also somewhat bearable)… but, really, A.pple products don’t seem like they’re for the geeky-cool uber-kind of society anymore, but for people with kids. Fine, A.pple: Your ad agency clearly doesn’t want me in your target market, so I won’t buy your stuff. The only ad I didn’t mind was the girl with the short hair, but her nasally voice annoyed me after a few viewings.

Oops. I guess that was a rant, aching to get out.

On the adoption front… not much is happening. We’ve signed up with a few domestic agencies and are considering looking internationally as well. We’ve done several interviews and written a dozen variations of our profile. I would love to be placed soon, but logically, it seems that most people I speak to wait about 2 years for a referral. To occupy myself, I am staying very busy with a few contracts I’ve taken on. It’s important to keep my mind occupied, otherwise, I’ll just stew about all the things that make me grumpy until they explode out of me (refer to paragraph 2).

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